Earn more customers with the power of drop-in gift cards.

Competition for customers is at an all-time high. You need a customer acquisition plan that opens new channels, and lets your current customers do some of the heavy lifting on your behalf.

It all starts with Lightrail’s easy-to-implement gift cards.

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When you implement Lightrail’s drop-in gift cards, your current customers become part of your customer acquisition plan. In just a few clicks, customers can purchase and share gift cards with their entire network, sending new customers your way.

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Customize promotions for first-time customers.

Welcome newcomers by automatically creating their user accounts, and giving them incentives to start purchasing.

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Smart growth

With gift cards driving your customer acquisition, you can use Lightrail to grow your customer loyalty programs to any scale.

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Smart targeting

Design promotions specifically to encourage signups and trials. Send unique codes that are redeemed and attached to their account when they sign up.


Smart partnerships

Run joint promotions as part of your acquisition strategy, and earn new customers that you wouldn’t have otherwise had access to.

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