Flexible Pricing

We work with you to come up with billing that makes sense for who you are and how you use Lightrail, based on how you define your success and results when using our platform.


Pricing as flexible as our platform.

At Lightrail, pricing is individually set with each customer. Common options include variable by the number of transactions, seats, redemptions, or contacts. Or we can work out a fixed monthly bill if that makes more sense.

customer service and integrations teams

Here to help when you need us.

You could go it alone, but why would you? We partner with you. Lightrail’s customer service and integrations teams are here to answer your questions, help you master personalized promotions, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your tools.

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Online retailers and marketplaces use our platform to launch custom promotions quickly and build seamless user experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will Lightrail cost me?

New customers that are just starting out pay a few hundred dollars a month when they launch. Pricing only scales when your sales or volume increases, eliminating additional cost without a sufficient return. Our full-scale enterprise customers generally pay over $10,000 a month for a complete and customized solution. We’ll find a price structure that works best for your situation.

What pricing structure types are available?

Common pricing options include variable by the number of transactions, seats, redemptions, or contacts. This is often supported with a minimum. We also have larger customers negotiate a fixed monthly rate that includes a set amount of expected volume ahead of time.

Can I change how my pricing is calculated later?

If the pricing structure we negotiate doesn't make sense for you once you are underway, your account manager will work with you and try to find one that does. Our goal is to find a performance-based model that makes sense with the regular cycles and trends of your business.

Am I able to import my existing gift cards, credits, or codes?

Yes. You can do so via Lightrail’s API or by working with our integrations team as part of your onboarding.

How do I test before going live in production?

We provide test API keys for all your development and testing needs. Your developers will even have a direct way to contact our integrations team with questions, without the need to go through your account manager or a sales rep.