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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Operated by Edmonton Transit System, which uses 37 Siemens Transportation Systems U2 cars.

It was Edmonton, NOT San Diego
that started the North American Light Rail Revolution!

Edmonton's LRT system has a total of 10 stations, 4 above ground just out of the downtown area; 5 underground in the downtown area and University Station, which is underground across the river from the downtown area.

Downtown area
There are a total of five downtown stations that are underground (Grandin, Corona, Bay, Central and Churchill). Of those five stations, four of them (Corona being the exception) attach to the underground pedway systems. In fact, it is possible to go from Central to Bay or Churchill underground by foot via that pedway system. Grandin's pedway system connects to several provincial government buildings, including the Alberta Provincial Legislature itself.

End of the Line
Stations at the ends of the line are Claireview and University. The trains used to run 1/2 mile past Clareview, however, additional crossovers have made this unnecessary.

Repair Facility (LRV Yard)
The D.L. MacDonald Garage is located between Clareview and Belvedere stations.

Right of Way Alignment
All trackage is either in a tunnel or an exclusive right of way. There are a few grade crossings in the above-ground section of the system (Northeast of downtown).

Travel time
Travel time from one end of the system to the other: 20 minutes during peak periods, 19 minutes off-peak

The current one-way fare is $2.00 CDN. The downtown section underground (Grandin to Churchill). Downtown Free Fare Zone in effect.

Operating Details
Car consists may be as long as 5 cars. Doors open only when passengers press the Door Open Request button on the interior or exterior of the car.   Cars operate on 680 Volts DC.

Edmonton wanted proven technology, so they bought the Siemens-Duewag (now known as Siemens Transportation Systems) U2 car, a derivative of the same car used in daily service on Frankfort Germany's subway since the 1960's.

Planning started.

Spring 1974
Construction starts.

April 22, 1978
System opened. The first section was 6.9 km long with about 1.6 km of subway. It had 5 stations back then: (Belvedere, Coliseum, Stadium, Churchill, Central). The system cost $64.9 million dollars (CND) back in 1974.
Subsequent extensions were ...

The first of many extensions, 2.2 km, all above ground, Clareview Station. ($9.5 million - CND)

Added a train yard/repair facility, called D.L. MacDonald Garage. ($28.2 million - CND). Before then maintenance and storage was at the old Cromdale Trolleycoach shops.

900 meter underground extension, adding Bay and Corona Stations. ($89.6 million - CND).

800 meter underground extension, adding Grandin Station. ($67.1 million - CND)

1.6 km extension, including a 1 km long bridge, adding University Extension, which is 23 meters underground. ($79.1 million - CND).

The future of Edmonton's extensions are looking bright.  The Canadian government announced a $2 billion 3 way cost sharing (Local, Provincial, Federal) program for infrastructure focusing on mass transit. The next extension will be...
6 stations
8-10km long
25 new cars
Mostly above ground right of way (2-3 km will be under - it takes a long run to rise 23m!)
Construction in 2-3 years, completion in 5-7 years (depending on funding)

Belvedere Station
Consist at Belvedere Station Southbound

South of Stadium Station
A 3 car consist southbound at a grade crossing just south of Stadium Station

South of Stadium Station
A 3 car consist northbound at a grade crossing just south of Stadium Station.

Fairmont Speeder
A high-rail vehicle (specifically called a Fairmont Speeder) intended for transportation use of Maintenance and MOW employees.

Photos by Martin Parsons
August 31, 2000

Claireview Station Claireview Station
Claireview Station

Yard Tracks
D.L. MacDonald Garage Yard Tracks

Grandin Station
Grandin Station

University Station
University Station (end of the line)
Note the Train Operator walking to the opposite end of the consist.

Photos by Lightrail.com Webmaster
July 19, 2000

University Station
University Station (end of the line)

Photo by Martin Parsons
July 25, 2000

Dudley B. Menzies Bridge
Northbound LRT crossing the Dudley B. Menzies Bridge between University and Grandin Stations

Dudley B. Menzies Bridge
Northbound LRT crossing the Saskatchewan river. The portal into the tunnel
to University Station is behind the trees, you can just make out the edge of
the service building at the portal, upper-right corner of the picture at the

Entering the Portal
Northbound LRT between the portal to the downtown
underground stations and Stadium Station

Northbound LRT in tunnel between Central and Churchill stations

Information compiled by Dan Dmytryshyn, Martin Parsons, Glenn St-Germain and Lightrail.com Webmaster.

Updated November 14, 2005