Your Customer Value Infrastructure

An API for promotions, gift cards, loyalty, and referrals.

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Use relevant offers throughout the customer journey.

Adapt and scale promotions for any marketing offer. Provide dollar or percent based discounts, offer referral incentives, generate promo codes for mass marketing or unique promo codes for a targeted approach, award incentives for new behaviors, set limits on promotions to SKU, category, order-size, and more.

Create an exceptional customer experience.

Attach promotions directly to your customers and contacts. Whether that is instantly through a targeted campaign, programmatically by your marketing automation, or manually when a customer adds a promo code to their account, Lightrail makes it easy.

Deliver a frictionless checkout.

Keep the customer experience seamless by eliminating unnecessary code entry at checkout. You can handle multiple promotions alongside loyalty programs, prepaid value, and credit cards, so your customers can pay in a single tap. Eliminate every form fill that isn't absolutely necessary, and create some magic.

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Easier to implement than building.

Launch promotions, prepaid, and loyalty in your on-demand app quickly while keeping checkout frictionless and development costs down. Even better, easily customize your promotions and engagement for your customers and market going forward.


Multi-tender transactions simplified.

Lightrail works intuitively with processors like Stripe, Braintree, and Square. We handle split payments so you can focus on keeping your customers’ path to purchase simple. We manage the complexity for you.

one api call

Single-call order processing.

Process the entire checkout order with a single API call. You only describe the purchase, reference the customer, and provide their credit card token. Lightrail handles everything else including the operation logic for things like pre-tax promotions.