Account-based gift cards and promotions

Lightrail powers your gift cards, promotions and other account-based value so you can build long lasting customer relationships.

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Drop-in gift cards

Sell, send and accept gift cards from your site or app with Lightrail’s purchase widget. Simply drop in our Javascript and configure. Each gift card has a unique code that you can activate, freeze or cancel whenever you want. And your customers have a seamless purchase and redemption experience.

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Place value on user-accounts

Apply gift cards, promotions, and points directly to customer accounts in Lightrail. It streamlines the payment experience for them and helps you drive user engagement. View their purchase and redemption history to learn their preferences.

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Engage them with promotions

Because user accounts tell you who’s spending and how they’re spending, you can tailor rule-based promotions to match your customer’s preferences. Increase acquisition and retention of specific customer segments by adding promotions or loyalty points to groups, creating unique promo codes, or automating with API.

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Customize and make it yours

Make gift cards, promotions, loyalty points, and other account-based value specific to your needs. We built Lightrail to be highly adaptable with a mix-and-match approach to widgets, libraries and a full API.

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PCI compliant and meets every measure of AWS guidelines.


Infrastructure that’s designed to change and scale with you.


Change your programs and strategy without needing to overhaul your code.

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