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stored-value platform

Account credit, gift cards, promotions and points, all connected to your customer’s identity so you can learn, engage and connect.

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Activate and track your branded currency

Account Credit

Easily create and manage customer credit and balances. See how and when they spend so you can learn about their behavior.

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Add Promotions

Incentivize new spending behavior by adding temporary value to customer accounts

Connect Your Tools

Integrate with software across your organization including CRM and marketing tools

Get Reporting

Provide your analysts and accountants with the activity data they need

Gift Cards

Create flexible, mobile wallet ready digital gift cards that can easily connect to customer identity in your CRM or marketing tools.

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Use New Data

See detailed transaction history, program performance and contact behavior

Add Temporary Value

Attach a short-term promotion to a particular group of gift cards to drive sales


Run promotions that require a unique code at checkout or add them to your contacts directly for simple, automatic redemption

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Get Attribution

Associate multiple promotions to each contact and see complete histories to learn what works best

Set Rules

Control redemption with rules that include around payment type, product category or customer lifecycle

Control Expiry

Set expiry by date or period. For example, a promotion can either end on December 31st or 14 days from activation


Power and track points to engage customers and increase retention.

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Use Rolling Expiry

Create urgency and encourage return purchases with points that expire individually after a set period

Add Promotions

Add promotions to your points program to incentivize redemptions, drive activity or reward participation

Center it all on customer identity

Activate new customers and engage existing ones. Control your promotional value and set rules for redemption. Track everything and see what works.


Protect your customer data as well as your bottom-line with best-in-class enterprise security


Adapt and change your programs and strategy without needing to overhaul your code


Grow your business with pricing and infrastructure that is designed to change and scale with you

Easy to integrate with

Get up and running quickly with a straightforward API. Find code examples, common use cases and support throughout our documentation.

Part of your ecosystem

Use services like Stripe, Braintree, Woocommerce or Shopify? Your gift cards and promotions work easily in your checkout with minimal effort from your developers.

About us

Lightrail is a product of Giftbit, an established leader in digital stored-value for B2B.

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