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San Jose, California

Operated by Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), which uses currently 53 Kinkisharyo cars on it's 30 mile system.
Car Specs
are also available for VTA's UTDC cars on this site.

This was the delivery of car 903 to the Guadalupe Rail Yard.

Kinkisharyo Kinkisharyo Kinkisharyo Kinkisharyo
Note the trailer and ramp used to unload the LRV.
All axles can be turned by the driver in the cab,
or by a spotter outside with remote control.

Photos by Dave Collura
(March 2002)

Kinkisharyo Car 902 viewed from the front.

Kinkisharyo Car 902 viewed from the side.

Kinkisharyo Car 901 standing next to UTDC Car 812 in the shop.

Photos by Norman Spaulding
(March 2001)

Baypointe Station
A Guadalupe train stops on the center track at Baypointe Station and
opens BOTH doors to allow passengers to board Tasman trains.

Photos by Norman Spaulding
(March 2000)

Inside the UTDC Car used by VTA.

A VTA car waits for boarding passengers at the Mountain View Station,
the west end of the new Tasman West Line.

Mtn View
The Mountain View serves as a transfer point to Caltrain and several VTA bus lines.

Civic Center
New signage has been recently installed at Civic Center Station, directly adjacent to city
and county offices, which serves as a major transfer point to many VTA bus lines.

Photos by James D. Umbach
(January 2000)

Santa Teresa
A train waits for boarding passengers at Santa Teresa Station
(the southern-most station of the Guadalupe Line)

Baypointe Station
Baypointe Station - Located in North San Jose, this station is the
northern-most station on the Guadalupe Line and serves as the
transfer station between the Guadalupe and Tasman lines.

Photos by Norman Spaulding
(February 2000)

3 car consist Car 801 Car 813
Cars in the Yard

VTA Yard
Guadalupe Yard

Chynoweth Station
Chynoweth Station

Old Ironsides Station
Old Ironsides Station
(Photo taken prior to the platform being raised 8 inches in 1999)

Photos by Larry Didier
(December 1998)

sanjose06.GIF (98743 bytes) Guadalupe Yard Guadalupe Yard
Cars in the Yard

Cars in the Shop

Photos by Larry Marschall
(July 1997)

Cars stored on the former Old Ironsides Tail Track
(This track now continues west to Mtn. View on the new Tasman West line)

Car lifts inside VTA's Shop

Photographers Unknown
(June 1998)

LRV on 2nd St.
On Southbound Second Street @ San Carlos

LRV at Old Ironsides
Train stopped @ Old Ironsides Station Eastbound

Photos by John Campbell
(June 1997)

VTA System map

Map by Ian Kluft and Garry Haussmann
(July 2001)

Updated December 28, 2003