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The Ride

Denver, Colorado

Operated by RTD, which operates 31 Siemens cars (with more on order)
on a 14 mile system. The system has been open since October 14, 1994.
An 8.7 mile extension opened in July 2000. Several other extensions are planned.

RTD's LRV Repair Facility

Wheelchair securement area inside the SD-100

TVMs are easy to use

30th/Downing Station - "End of the Line"

Passengers are easily able to determine where to stand to board a train

Signage along the Right of Way

RTD Rail Control Center

30th & Downing Station - May 20, 2001

Rail Field Supervisor Support Vehicle

Mount Evans overlooking Littleton/Mineral Park n Ride for Bus
& Lightrail. Mt. Evans has the highest paved road in the US.

S1401 is the southbound signal past Littleton/Mineral Station.
As you can see it is a double aspect, as it is a switch indicator
signal for the double tail track past the station. The signal can
give a indication of the train heading for either A or B tail track.

Photos by Tim Brosnahan
May 2001

16th and Stout
16th and Stout

Stout Street

29th/Welton Station

Colfax at Araria Station

30th/Dowling Dowling
30th/Downing Station

Broadway Station
Broadway Station

Broadway Station
Broadway Station Platform

Train Interior
Interior of the SD-100 LRV

Photos by Matthew Huston

14th & Stout Station
LRV#103, sitting at the 14th & Stout Station,
heading S/B toward the I-25/Broadway Station.
The photo shows the LRV during the testing phase of the initial 5.3 mile system
Notice the snowplow/cow-catcher is not installed,
and the window is still a slide down style instead
of a swing in type, currently use, on the drivers side.

Photo by Ray Osborne
(July-September 1994)

Downtown Denver
A southbound train picks up passengers downtown before heading to the Broadway terminal.

California Street
A northbound light rail train pauses at a station on California St.

A TVM along Stout St. accepts dollar bills and dispenses several types of transit tickets.

Photos by James D. Umbach
(April 1999)

I-25 & Broadway Station I-25 & Broadway Station I-25 & Broadway Station
I-25 & Broadway Station

Downtown Denver
Downtown Denver

Couplers of a two car consist of Siemens cars

Field Supervisor Support Vehicle
Rail Field Supervisor Support Vehicle

Photos by Lightrail.com Webmaster
(August 1999)

Light Rail Car Barn
Light Rail Car Barn Next to the D&RGW Burnham Shops

Colfax Viaduct
Southbound Track under Colfax Viaduct

In the Yard In the Yard
In the "Yard"

Photos by Mike Kiehl

Convention Center Convention Center
California St. next to the Convention Center

Photos by Glen Loyd

A Siemens car operating on an exclusive lane just outside of city center.

Photo by Mark Kavanagh
(July 1996)

Denver System Map
Map by
Andrew Reker

Updated January 7, 2002