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Cleveland, Ohio

Operated by the Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, which uses 48 Breda cars.

Shaker Heights
LRV traveling through Shaker Heights

Photo by DeWain Feller

South Harbor Station
A train ends its run at the South Harbor station. These trains were built by Breda in the mid-1980s for the Green and Blue Lines. This one sports a new paint scheme with a wavy line in the blue band above the side windows, symbolizing the waterfront. In the background is a train in the old red/orange/white paint scheme.

An outbound train emerges onto ground level from the ramp leading down from the Red Line viaduct at right.
Tower City is visible in the background.

North Coast Station
The North Coast station at East Ninth Street.

Amtrak Station
An inbound train passes the Amtrak station. The light-rail tracks run between the station and the railroad tracks, so that Amtrak passengers have to walk across the light-rail tracks to get to and from their train!
The North Coast light-rail station is visible in the distance.

West Third Street Station
An inbound train stops at the West Third Street Station, which opened in August 1999
to serve the new Cleveland Browns football stadium.

Settlers Landing Station
An inbound train stops at the Settlers Landing Station.
The white latticework decor is typical of Waterfront Line stations.

Photos by Jon Bell - August 1999

Green Road Station
A car approaches the Green Road Station, at the outer end of the Green Line.

LRV's are housed at the RTA Central Yard, near the East 55th Street station.

Photos by Jon Bell - June 1995

Updated April 1, 2001