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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Operated by Calgary Transit, which uses a total of 116 LRVs, 82 U2-DC's, 2 U2-AC's and 32 SD-160's

Calgary Transit has a total of 2 lines and 34 stations. Lines are as follows:
Dalhousie - Fish Creek Lacombe Line (North-South)
Whitehorn - 10th St SW/City Centre (East-West)

On a normal day, 3 car trains operate on both the Brentwood-Andersen and the Whitehorn-City Centre line.

There are a total of 9 stations in the downtown area that service one side of the street only (stations are staggered throughout the downtown area).  Five stations serve W/B trains, while only four stations serve E/B trains  This section is a free-fare zone.

Fare payment for the remainder of the system is barrier-free POP (Proof of Payment) w/TVMs at the entrance to all stations.  Proof of Payment is required prior to entrance to all stations except the Transit Mall (due to this area being a free-fare zone).  The fare was $2.00 ($1.75 for youth) one way.

LRV at Brentwood Station

Photos by Kevin Lo
December 1, 2001

New Siemens SD-160

Photos by John Black
October 2001

AC Powered Car
This car (#2102) is one of the two AC powered LRV's built in 1988 and was originally numbered 3002 originally with CT.
The photo was taken in the Downtown Transit Mall.

N/B to Brentwood
This photo (of Car #2073) heading northbound for Brentwood.
Note the crossover that has been removed.

Photo by Martin Parsons
August 11, 2000

Southland Station Southland Station
Southland Station

Safety Signage
More than adequate signage advises passengers of train direction, exits and inherent dangers.

Passenger Information
AND scheduled maintenance that affects passenger service.

Downtown Calgary Downtown Calgary Downtown Calgary
Downtown LRT stations serve only "one side" of the street. No LRT stations are across the street from another.  Stations are "staggered" through the 10 block mall area.
Downtown Calgary Downtown Calgary
The adjoining pedestrian sidewalk is incorporated into the the raised LRT station at some downtown stations.

Artwork adorns Downtown Mall station platforms.

Downtown Calgary
A consist passes a downtown station in the opposite direction.

Buses Downtown Calgary
Buses utilize the downtown Transit Mall streets, but are unable to stop at the LRT stations due to the high-level platforms. Buses stop at street level near each downtown station.

Track Maintenance Track Maintenance
Calgary's track crew prepare for scheduled track maintenance.

Security Units
Security units patrol the "Transit-exclusive" Downtown Mall.

Photos July 19, 2000

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