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Tri-Met operates 52 of these Siemens Transportation Systems Low Floor Vehicles.
These vehicles were the first low-floor light rail vehicles in North America in revenue service.

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General Information
Manufacturer/Model: Siemens/SD 600A
Type: Double articulated, Bi-directional
Cost per Car (US $/year): $2.675 million/car
Year Delivered: 1996-2000
Number of cars delivered: 52 (all vehicles are now in service)
Voltage: 750 VDC

Length over couplers: 92 feet
Length over body ends: 89 feet
Width: 8 feet, 8 1/2 inches
Height (rail to roof): 11.7 feet
Floor height (rail to floor): 14 inches (low floor section), 39 inches (high floor section)
Pantograph operating range: 13 feet - 22 feet, 4 inches
Empty weight per car: 109,000 pounds
Weight per car @ crush load: 149,194 pounds
Interior headroom (center aisle):
Interior width (minimum): 8.7 feet
Doorway width (minimum): 4 feet
Doorway height: 8 feet
Step height (1st step): None (low floor car)

Service acceleration on level tangent track: 3.12 mphps
Service Braking on level tangent track: 3 mphps
Braking (Disc) on level tangent track: 3.2 mphps
Emergency braking on level tangent track (mphps): 3.8 mphps(approx.)
Maximum design speed: 55 MPH
Maximum governed speed (mph): 58.5 MPH
Maximum grade (system specification): 7% on Steel Bridge, 6.2% approaching W/B to Sunset Transit Center, 5% in the Robertson Tunnel
Minimum horizontal curve radius (feet/inches): 82 feet
Minimum vertical curve radius (feet/inches): 300 feet
Maximum # of cars (trainline): 4 (maximum system specs are 2 cars due to platform length)
Compatible (Trainline) w/other vehicles in fleet: Yes

Manufacturer: Siemens Energy & Automation
Body Material: LATH steel, A588/A606
Floor Material: ply metal, austentic Stainless Steel skins
Window type: Single-glazed 1/4" laminated
Seats: Contoured Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel frames, replaceable cushioned inserts

Propulsion manufacturer: Siemens Energy & Automation
Propulsion type: AC
Number of trucks/car: 3
Number of powered trucks/car: 2
Number of motors/powered truck: 2
Minimum wheel diameter (worn): 26" (powered truck), 24" (center truck)
Maximum wheel diameter (new): 28" (powered truck); 26" (center truck)
Wheel base: 1800mm
Track gauge: 4 feet, 8 1/2 inches" AA Standard
Gear ratio: 5.35 to 1
Gearbox: Flender
Truck manufacturer: Duewag (Siemens)

Service Brake manufacturer: Knorr
Service Brake Type: Electro/Hydraulic Disc
Spin/slide protection: Yes
Track Brake manufacturer: Knorr
Suspension (Primary): Chevron
Suspension (Secondary): Coil Springs

Vehicle Capacity per car
Number of seats: 72
Design load:
Crush load: 261
Wheelchair capacity: 4

Passenger Convenience Items
HVAC Manufacturer: Sutrak
A/C type/capacity: 180,000 BTU/hr.
Roof Heating capacity: 24 KW
Floor Heating capacity: 24 KW
Seat Manufacturer: Coach and Car
Public Address System:Telephonics
Interior Lighting: Luminator
Number of Destination signs/car: 4
Door type: Sliding Plug
Number of doors/car: 8 (all located in low floor section)
Percentage of car w/low floor: 70%

Electrical and Control Systems
Low voltage power supply: Roof-mounted
Motor Control: Traction Motor (Siemens A&E)
Amperage draw:

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